Vinarija Dingač

Red Wine

Vinarija Dingac Postup 2017

The signature character of wines from the safeguarded terrains of Dingač and Postup is their "freškina" or seaside saltiness, a testament to the vineyards' closeness to the ocean. The relentless sun illuminates indigenous herbs like rosemary, thyme, and oregano, infusing the wine with a sweet, menthol-tinged herbal aroma. Typically, Postup grapes are harvested later than those in Dingač, resulting in a wine with a richer, more intense profile. Its robust aromas—ranging from sun-baked stones and dried fruits to condensed fig, plum, and tobacco—balance out the maritime essence. Boasting a robust structure with an actual salty taste, this wine pairs impeccably with Croatian delicacies like home-cured anchovies, pickled onions, indigenous olives, prosciutto, and hearty meat stews. Yet, its distinctive nature also allows for unconventional pairings, such as fresh oysters.
2017 750ml Red Wine Plavac Mali Croatia Postup Central and Southern Dalmatia
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Pairing,Pork, Aged Cheese, Beef, Roast, Stew, BBQ, Lamb, Pickles, Olives, Anchovies


Alcohol Content,14.0%

Producer,Vinarija Dingač

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Red Fruit

Black Cherry

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Black Pepper

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