About Us

461 Victoria Street has had many occupants over its 132 year history—a tobacconist, a tailor, a Greek club, an embroiderer, a cobbler, and in 1915 a confectioner named Mrs. L. Cardwell.

Our small shop and wine bar in Abbotsford is open every day. We've sourced over 500 wines from all corners of the world, from Geelong to Germany to Japan.

Any wine can be taken from the shelf and enjoyed on premises for a $15 corkage. We have a diverse selection of bottles open so you can also enjoy wines by the glass.

We also pour beer, cider, spirits and soft drinks.

On our food menu we offer snacks, cheeses, and charcuterie that are matched to the wines. Try the savoury cheesecake served with lavosh, baked in-house by atelier josun. Or bring in your own food and we’ll provide the forks, knives, and plates. And glasses, of course.