Il Poggio

Sparkling Wine

Il Poggio Spumante l'Ape 2016

from the producer: "My classic method sparkling wine is a very personal expression of the Cortese grape. I decided not to hurry with this wine, to rediscover the meaning and value of the passing of time.
I am never in a rush with this wine: I let it rest on yeasts for more than four years, in my old brick cellars, and it gives me the finest, creamiest bubbles, enhancing the scents of broom, quince, yellow fruits, citron and grapefruit.
And you too should approach it without haste, seeking out saffron, fennel and nutmeg in the nose before taking your first sip, which you will find to be buttery smooth, spicy, complex and persistent. A second sip and your palate will be flooded with all the aromas you experienced in the bouquet, and then… who can stop?"

"I have the utmost respect for nature and no desire whatsoever to change it: it’s perfect the way it is! I see environmental conservation as natural and essential, a day-to-day commitment. It’s a matter of sustainability. Adopting sustainable behaviour is all about being sensitive and using methods that have to involve everyone. It is something I believe in strongly and work to achieve every day. I use no herbicides or pesticides; I respect natural cover crops and use only organic fertiliser for the purpose of rebalancing. Not content with that, I have installed a photovoltaic system that guarantees the supply of renewable energy to the cellar, as well as a tank to collect rainwater for use in the fields."

2016 750ml Sparkling Wine Cortese Italy Gavi Piedmont
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Pairing,Oysters, Fruits de Mer, Calamari, Shellfish, Fresh Cheese, Fruit


Alcohol Content,12.5%

Producer,Il Poggio

Stored in a temperature-controlled cellar Specialist Wine Courier Insured Delivery

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What does this wine taste like?

Stone Fruit

Yellow Fruit

Green Fruit




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