Elodie Balme

Fortified Wine

Elodie Balme Rasteau 2020

Elodie Balme began her wine journey in sales. However, this phase was short-lived. By 19, she shifted gears to pursue studies in viticulture and oenology. During her studies, she found herself working part-time under Marcel Richaud, a biodynamic trailblazer in the Southern Rhône. Their bond strengthened, and Marcel's ethos profoundly influenced Elodie. With his guidance, she established Domaine Elodie Balme at a mere 23.

The 2006 vintage marked Elodie's entry into winemaking, utilizing four hectares of vines owned by her father, Bernard. A lifelong viticulturist, Bernard began with four inherited hectares, and over time expanded his holdings to 28 hectares. This was facilitated by his side business as a pépiniériste. The estate later downsized to 25 hectares. The father-daughter duo collaboratively manages these vineyards. While Elodie retained some grapes for her own production, the majority went to a local cooperative. However, she aims to vinify the entire 25 hectares by the 2023 vintage.

Under Elodie's influence, the vineyard's conventional practices underwent a transformation. She significantly reduced the use of herbicides and pesticides on the land she cultivated and introduced organic fertilizers. Although a few challenging plots continued to receive chemical treatments, even this is being phased out. The estate is on track to receive organic certification by 2024.

Inside the winery, spontaneous fermentation is initiated using a pied de cuve. The wines mature in concrete containers. Throughout fermentation and aging, sulfur isn't introduced. Only after blending and, if deemed necessary, prior to bottling, does Elodie add a minimal amount.
2020 750ml Fortified Wine Syrah, Grenache, Carignan France Rasteau Rhone Valley
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Pairing,Blue Cheese, Mushroom, Cantal, Aged Cheese, Game, Poultry, Rabbit, Liver Parfait


Alcohol Content,15.0%

Producer,Elodie Balme

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Black Fruit




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