Ulli Stein

White Wine

Weingut Stein Alfer Hölle Riesling Trocken 2021

Dr. Ulrich Stein, fondly known as Ulli, a farmer and winemaker in the legendary Mosel Valley. He passionately advocates for preserving the steep, slate vineyards of the region. Ulli has reclaimed vineyards in the Lower Mosel, crafting exceptional wines from forgotten sites. The Stein family, valuing old vines, retained their ungrafted European rootstock vines in the 1970s when others replanted fearing Phylloxera. Ulli now tends to about 10% of Germany's total ungrafted plants, producing wines with aromatic lift, generous cut, and site purity. His philosophy centers on letting the vineyard dictate the wine.

This wine boasts classic Mosel floral notes and a hint of earthy honey. The palate is off-dry, revealing delightful green apple, rhubarb, and a minerality driven by slate. The name "Alfer Holle" pays homage to the steep slopes, where anyone unfortunate enough to fall would find themselves at the bottom of hell.

2021 750ml White Wine Riesling Germany Mosel Rhine Valley
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Pairing,Goat Gouda, Unagi, Chinese, Korean, Sushi, Oysters, Vietnamese, South-East Asian, Shellfish, White Fish, Hard Cheese


Alcohol Content,10.5%

Producer,Ulli Stein

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Flavour Profile

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Green Fruit

Green Apple

Tropical Fruit




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