Vedrenne IZARRA Basque Green Liqueur

Founded in 1906 in Hendaye by Joseph Grattau, a pharmacist with a passion for botany, IZARRA is the iconic liqueur of the French Basque Country. This exquisite libation undergoes a meticulous creation process, featuring a medley of plants and spices, coupled with a dual maceration of prunes and walnut husk.

The essence of IZARRA's distinctive flavor is meticulously crafted through this amalgamation of unique ingredients. Following the maceration phase, the resulting distillate embarks on a journey through a copper still, a critical step in capturing the botanical essence and ensuring the faithful reproduction of the original recipe.

To add an extra layer of depth and character, Armagnac is artfully introduced into the blend. This brandy, hailing from the Gascony region of France, is renowned for its opulent and robust qualities. The harmonious union of the distilled concoction with Armagnac contributes to the unparalleled taste and character that define IZARRA liqueur.
700ml Spirit France Pays Basque
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Alcohol Content,40


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