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Tanca Nica Kaffefi 2021

Tanca Nica is a captivating venture on the Italian island of Pantelleria, nestled between Sicily and Tunisia.

Established by Nicoletta Pecorelli from Sardinia and Pantelleria's own Francesco Ferreri, the name 'Tanca Nica' holds deep roots in the local dialect. "Tanca" signifies terraced lands where vines flourish, while "Nica" describes the spot where thermal waters rise from the ocean floor, blending with the azure Mediterranean.

Pantelleria's fertile grounds, laden with volcanic pumice (known as soki soki) and volcanic eruption remnants (lapilli), provide a mineral-rich foundation. The duo tends to 2 hectares of Zibibbo, Pignatello, and Catarratto in a biodynamic manner, yielding a modest 333 cases annually.

Addressing the island's challenges—fierce winds and limited water—they adopt the "Alberello Pantesco" planting approach. Recognized by UNESCO in 2017, this ancient Phoenician technique uses dug-out hollows called "concas" to shelter the vines from relentless winds while optimizing water access. Some vines even lean against terraces for sun exposure and wind shield.

Inside their winery, grapes undergo a manual destemming and foot pressing, with spontaneous fermentation ensuing. Unfined, unfiltered bottling is their signature, with sulphur application differing by cuvée and year.

Their Kaffefi wine, derived from 40-80-year-old Catarratto vines, undergoes a 24-hour pressing process for added depth. Aging takes place in stainless steel, with lees-stirring to enhance texture. Catarratto has long been the preferred everyday wine for locals. Nicoletta and Francesco strive to recreate the traditional wine with its characteristic robustness and texture, while simultaneously showcasing the land's essence. They refrain from adding sulphur to maintain authenticity.
2021 750ml Amber Wine Catarratto Italy Pantelleria Sicily
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Pairing,Shellfish, Grilled Vegetables, Tagine, Fruits de Mer, Moroccan, North African, Italian


Producer,Tanca Nica

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Volcanic Rocks

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