Tanca Nica

Tanca Nica Firri Firri 2021

"Firri Firri," inspired by the age-old hoe employed in vineyards, also carries the moniker of the prior landowner and winemaker. Situated at an altitude of 300masl, this plot with a cool northeastern exposure boasts Alberello Pantesco vines that are a half-century old, rooted in volcanic sand. The harvest integrates whole bunches, later enriched with 10% from a 'riserva perpetua' before its journey to the bottle. The wine exudes a hue reminiscent of Poulsard. It tantalizes with elevated notes of mandarin, liquorice, and pomegranate. The palate is greeted with juiciness, invigorating tannins, and a lingering saline aftertaste. Contains 15ppm sulphur.
2021 750ml Rosé Wine Catarratto, Pignatello, Inzolia Italy Pantelleria Sicily
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Pairing,Shellfish, Grilled Vegetables, Tagine, Pasta, Fruits de Mer, Moroccan, North African, Italian


Alcohol Content,11.0%

Producer,Tanca Nica

Stored in a temperature-controlled cellar Specialist Wine Courier Insured Delivery

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Volcanic Rocks

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