Red Wine

Stoke Shiraz 2021

Nick Dugmore, at the heart of Stoke brand, celebrates Kangaroo Island's emerging status as a top-tier wine region. His wines mirror the unique climate of KI's cool, breezy vineyards, focusing on lighter and midweight styles perfect for dining and social occasions. The primary source of fruit is the Cassini Vineyard, tended regeneratively by Dugmore and his father.

This wine's creation involved intricate techniques. The grapes were divided into two batches for distinct flavor profiles.

For the first half, semi-carbonic maceration was employed. Foot stomping at the tank's base began a minor fermentation, followed by layering whole bunches above, where the CO2 from fermentation naturally strengthened the stems. The tank was subsequently sealed.

The second batch saw a different approach. Grapes were crushed gently, maintaining whole berries for fermentation. Daily, small amounts were removed to intensify the skin-to-juice ratio, a practice that extracted flavor and texture with minimal disturbance.

After 12 months in French oak, these components were artfully blended, culminating in a wine that truly represents the essence and potential of Kangaroo Island.

2021 750ml Red Wine Syrah Australia Kangaroo Island South Australia
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Appellation,Kangaroo Island

Pairing,Burgers, Pizza, Kebab, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian, Cheese



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Flavour Profile

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Red Fruit

Red Berries

Black Fruit

Dark Cherry



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