Domaine Simha

White Wine

Simha Sauvignon Blanc Nature 2023

Hailing from the chilly terrains of Tasmania's untouched Derwent Valley, this wine boasts a single-vineyard origin. Harvested by hand following the harvest moon on a day favored by flora, the grapes underwent a gentle whole bunch press. Its fermentation occurred naturally in seasoned demi-muid barrels, aging gracefully for a year. The wine was then bottled in its purest form, neither fined nor filtered, preserving its impeccable natural equilibrium. This Sauvignon bursts with flavors of passionfruit, lemon, gooseberry, fresh basil, and a hint of sweetpea. It offers a vibrant, fruit-forward profile with a soft texture and invigorating freshness.
2023 750ml White Wine Sauvignon Blanc Australia Derwent Valley Tasmania
More Information

Appellation,Derwent Valley

Pairing,Seafood, Shellfish, Vegetables, Goat Cheese, Fresh Cheese, Oily Fish, Oyster


Alcohol Content,12.0%

Producer,Domaine Simha

Stored in a temperature-controlled cellar Specialist Wine Courier Insured Delivery

Flavour Profile

What does this wine taste like?

Green Fruit


Tropical Fruit




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