White Wine

Rány Furmint-Hárslevelü

The Jakab Rány Furmint/Hárslevelű wine originates from the historically rich Rány vineyard, which boasts records tracing back to the 13th century. Remarkably, Rány holds the title as the Tokaj region's second oldest vineyard and is held in high esteem for its unparalleled reputation, being one of the oldest Grand Cru's also. The vineyard's topsoil, predominantly rocky rhyolite, mandates manual cultivation due to its challenging nature. Among the Homonna and Jakab vineyards, wines derived from Rány are notably the most mineral and austere. These wines are recognized for their formidable structure, slow maturation process, and impressive longevity. The blend comprises 80% Furmint and 20% Hárslevelű, intermingled within the vineyard. The wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation and is then matured in oak barrels to enhance its depth and character.
2018 750ml White Wine Furmint, Hárslevelű Hungary Erdőbénye Tokaj
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Pairing,Sushi, Dumplings, White Fish, Oysters, Poultry, Roast Chicken, Goulash


Alcohol Content,13.5%


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Green Fruit

Green Apple


Meyer Lemon



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