Lind & Lime

Lind & Lime Gin

The Port of Leith Distillery Co unveiled Lind & Lime Gin as their inaugural spirit, crafted at the Tower Street Stillhouse. Drawing inspiration from the rich legacy, tradition, and vigor of Edinburgh, especially its iconic distilling precinct of Leith, they've poured their heart and soul into this creation.

Juniper stands as the foundational element of any gin. Its significance is so profound that the term 'gin' in English is rooted in 'jenever,' the Dutch name for juniper. Therefore, it's no surprise that juniper is their starting point. Early in their formulation process, the Leith Distillery team felt compelled to infuse their gin with a lime essence. Instead of an artificial lime taste, they aspired for a genuine zesty lime kick, derived from the rind of the fruit. To complement and harmonize with the lime, they introduced a subtle hint of spice, achieved through the delicate addition of pink peppercorns.

750ml Spirit Scotland
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