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Latta Headwaters Nebbiolo 2022

Hailing from Victoria's dynamic young vintner, Owen Latta, emerges a wine of distinction.

For this blend, Owen journeys beyond his ancestral plots in Ballarat, selecting superior Nebbiolo grapes from the esteemed Malakoff vineyard located in Pyrenees' Landsbrough valley. The fruit, under his meticulous care, reaches its full potential.

Crafted with the utmost purity, only introducing a hint of SO2 during its sealing, the wine encapsulates the raw essence of its Nebbiolo roots, all while highlighting its nuanced fragrances.

A seamless amalgamation of Australian landscape and avant-garde winemaking. Nebbiolo aficionados, this is a must for your next soirée!

2022 750ml Red Wine Nebbiolo Australia Pyrenees Victoria
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Pairing,Risotto, Osso Buco, Veal, Offal, Beef, Game, Lamb, Aged Cheese, Pasta, Pizza, Roasts, Stews


Alcohol Content,14.1%


Stored in a temperature-controlled cellar Specialist Wine Courier Insured Delivery

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