Domaine Saint-Pierre

White Wine

Dom. Saint-Pierre Les Dalles Arbois 2020

Though the Jura region ranks as one of France's tiniest wine territories, spanning merely 2,500 hectares, it punches above its weight in terms of the exceptional quality of its distinctive wines. Domaine de Saint Pierre's Fabrice Dodane stands among a selective group of visionary vintners, including the likes of Jean-François Ganevat. Together, they're reshaping the region's wine narrative, producing bottles that are nothing short of breathtaking. 

Once uncorked, it's arguably the most expressive in its lineup, unveiling a cascade of rich fruitiness, abundant spice, and evocative scents ranging from papaya and banana to woodruff, mint, and an ever-evolving mix of spices. It's bold and assertive on the tongue, accented by delicate tannins and a green undertone. The flavors dance between woodruff, a touch of sage, and an underlying allure, finishing with remarkable clarity and cohesion.

2020 750ml White Wine Chardonnay France Arbois Jura
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Pairing,White Fish, Poultry, Game, Ripe Cheese, Smoked Fish, Vegetable Terrine, Risotto


Alcohol Content,12.9%

Producer,Domaine Saint-Pierre

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Stone Fruit


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