Domaine Saint-Pierre

White Wine

Dom. Saint-Pierre Le Blanc Arbois 2019

While the Jura region is among France's tiniest wine territories, spanning a mere 2,500 hectares, it's acclaimed for the unparalleled quality of its wines. Fabrice Dodane of Domaine de Saint Pierre, along with a select cohort of producers including Jean-Francois Ganevat, challenges traditional winemaking by crafting deeply intricate and exceptional wines. In 2019, Fabrice's yields were so minimal that he blended all his green grapes from different vineyards, producing a singular white wine that encapsulated the essence of all his parcels. The vines contributing to this blend were planted between 1967 and 1988.

The aroma is richly concentrated, balancing luscious fruitiness with a crisp smoky undertone. A luxurious hint, likely from the Chardonnay, is immediately reeled in by the Savagnin's austerity. The palate experiences immense depth, underscored by a rugged minerality. Glimmers of lime pierce through, bestowing the wine with enduring vitality and a refreshing edge.

2019 750ml White Wine Savagnin, Chardonnay France Arbois Jura
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Pairing,White Fish, Poultry, Game, Ripe Cheese, Smoked Fish, Vegetable Terrine, Risotto


Alcohol Content,13.4%

Producer,Domaine Saint-Pierre

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Flavour Profile

What does this wine taste like?

Stone Fruit



Almond Blossom



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