Conservas de Cambados Squids in Olive Oil

At the crossroads of artisanal excellence and culinary heritage, Conservas de Cambados operates as both a factory and a label. The iconic packaging, mirroring the seafood nets along the Galician coastline, serves as a visual testament to the brand's decades-long commitment to quality, making it the epitome of gourmet conserva in Spain.

Nearly four decades ago, José Luis Alfonso, a mussel wholesaler, embarked on a journey to establish a premium gourmet conserva company. His vision was to showcase the unparalleled splendor of Galician seafood, reminiscent of his upbringing.

In search of the finest raw material, he turned to the nearby Ría de Arousa, a renowned open-water nursery for mussel farming. Here, meaty mollusks flourish on floating rafts known as "Bateas."

Today, the reins of the company are securely held by José's children, Maite and Keko. While there's a growing selection of fishes and seafood from various parts of Spain, the commitment to small-batch, artisanal processing remains unwavering. Sourcing seafood at its peak freshness, the hands of around 50 predominantly female artisans in José's hometown of Pontevedra work their magic in a small factory, ensuring the tradition lives on.

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