Château Lestage-Darquier

Red Wine

Château Lestage-Darquier Grand Poujeaux Médoc 2020

A luscious Bordeaux blend, Moulis en Médoc can be enjoyed immediately or aged until 2026 for enhanced depth.

For over six generations, Château Lestage Darquier has been a cherished jewel of the Bernard family. Established in the early 19th century by Mrs Lestage and Mr Darquier, the baton of its stewardship passed to their daughter, Jeanne, and her husband, Aimé Bernard. Following them, it was Hector's dominion until 1929, succeeded by Marc till 1970, Jean Michel till 1982, and currently rests in the hands of François Bernard. This cherished property spans eight hectares, nestled in Moulis-en-Medoc on Bordeaux's left bank. These vineyards, with an average age of twenty years, thrive on gravelly soils and are oriented towards the south and south-east, ensuring optimal sunlight exposure.

The 2020 Lestage Darquier unveils an olfactory experience of spices, torrefied coffee beans, fresh blackcurrants, and ripe blackberries—capturing both richness and vibrancy. The palate reveals an impressive balance; full-bodied, it dances with silky textures, melding the sweetness of fresh fruits with the nuanced infusion of oak. It is a drink that can be savored now or cellared to appreciate its evolution until 2026 and beyond. This vintage presents a pure bouquet dominated by fragrances of black cherry, blueberry, raspberry preserve, and a gentle waft of rose petals. The palate is rejuvenating, medium in body, adorned with supple tannins and nuanced marine undertones.
2020 750ml Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc France Médoc Bordeaux
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Pairing,Aged Cheese, Steak, Lamb, Beef, BBQ, Roasts


Alcohol Content,13.5%

Producer,Château Lestage-Darquier

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Red Fruit

Red Berries

Black Fruit


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