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Castagna Genesis Syrah 2008

"Genesis Syrah was born from the 1998 vintage and there hasn't yet been a modest release " they've all been fantastic wines, especially so since the release of the 2001. Genesis Syrah has been entirely estate grown since 1999 and forever will be. No Genesis Syrah was produced from either 2003 or 2007. It is matured in 100 percent top-quality French oak.

As an aside, I was pleased to note that Castagna Genesis Syrah recently won a place on the Langton's Classification list. It entirely deserves to be on it - though it should be ranked far higher than it currently is. Quality-wise, Castagna Genesis Syrah should be on the Classification's top tier.

This 2008 release is a particularly detailed wine. Elegance (and detail for that matter) has always been a feature of Castagna Genesis, though it's always been a rather hedonistic, fruit-rich version of it. This 2008 takes that elegance and hones it. It's a ripe, gentle wine of finesse and feel, rather than of force. It tastes of blackberries and smoky oak, cedarwood and black pepper. It has both a licoricey sweetness and an earthiness. It's soft and textural, until the dryness of the finish asserts itself. I couldn't stop drinking and smelling it. It offers a tremendous drinking experience."

Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front

2008 750ml Red Wine Syrah Australia Beechworth Victoria
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Pairing,Roast Beef, Steak, Pork, Roast, Stew, BBQ, Lamb



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Red Fruit

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