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Bodegas Luís Pérez Vino de Pasto, parcela ‘la Escribana’ 2021

"La Escribana" hails from the striated Albarizas Barajuelas of Pago Macharnudo, matured in octogenarian botas for a year under a protective layer of flor yeast. This Vino de Pasto boasts a natural alcohol volume of 13.5%, achieved without the aid of soleo. Cultivated in a single vineyard parcela facing southeast at an elevation of 100 meters—one of the loftiest in Marco de Jerez—it benefits from green harvesting, which serves typical purposes and additionally allows for natural acidity correction and enhanced delicacy through the introduction of 'green wine.'

The moniker 'La Escribana'—the scribe—evokes the image of a conduit for expression, an articulate observer inscribing the narrative of the terroir. The wine itself continues the exploration of the Palominos-Finos spectrum. Encounters with this wine resonate with unexpected influences; it carries the essence of Japanese culture, reminiscent of green bamboo steeped in billy tea and pistachio-husk-infused sake, akin to a beer with a subtle rice essence.

Visually, it presents a fusion of gold and green. Its aroma is complex—a mingling of semi-fermented grains, an acetic hint reminiscent of barley, sake, and rice, coupled with the freshness of a melon cooling in the evening shade. There's a whisper of metal, the scent of fresh-cut reeds and woven rush mats, the outer stalk of lemongrass, and the unmistakable note of pistachio shell.

On the palate, "La Escribana" reveals considerable depth. Its body carries a certain richness, precisely balanced with a distinctive, edging sweet-sourness.
2021 750ml Yellow Wine Palomino Spain Jerez-Xeres-Sherry
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Pairing,Seafood, Shellfish, Prawns, Scallops, Mussels, Oily Fish, Antipasti, Charcuterie, Pork, Poultry, Game


Alcohol Content,13.5%

Producer,Bodegas Luís Pérez

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