Almdudler Original Can

Almdudler is Austria's most popular soft drink. A great tonic to enjoy before or after a long night of drinking Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, or Blaufränkisch. 

Almdudler's meticulous production is the collection and drying of alpine herbs, including lemon balm, sage, gentian, elderflower, and coneflower. A pivotal quality test follows, evaluating the herbs' essential oils. Those meeting Almdudler's strict criteria undergo a precise mixing process, extracting a high-quality aroma. This extract matures over weeks, crafting the unmistakable Almdudler scent. Crafting Almdudler involves blending this alpine herb extract with fresh spring water, natural apcalis beet sugar, and citric acid. The carbonated infusion is then delicately poured into the original Almdudler bottle, delivering our unique, refreshing, sweet-tangy taste—free from preservatives or artificial flavors. Almdudler proudly carries certification as vegan with the European vegan label.

ml Soft Drink Austria
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Pairing,Käsekrainer, Leberkäse, Pretzels, Bratwurst


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