Domaine Le Petit St Vincent

Red Wine

Phillipe Alliet Chinon Vielles Vignes 2021

Dominique Joseph stands out as a vivacious and skilled vintner among the prestigious cadre of producers in Saumur-Champigny, Varrains. Known affectionately as Pélo to his companions, he is the scion of a deeply entrenched wine-growing legacy—with five generations of his paternal lineage and four from his maternal side cultivating vines. Since 1992, his dedication to organic farming reflects his commitment to enhancing both the vitality of his 12-hectare estate and the finesse of his wines. These vineyards are strategically dispersed across 55 distinct parcels in the region’s heart.
2020 750ml Red Wine Cabernet Franc France Saumur-Champigny Loire Valley
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Pairing,Poultry, Roast Chicken, Mushroom, Beef, Pork, Roast, Stew, BBQ, Lamb


Alcohol Content,12.5%

Producer,Domaine Le Petit St Vincent

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