Samos Phyllas

Dessert Wine

Samos Phyllas Vin Doux Muscat

If you're looking for a special treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further - the Vin Doux is hands down the number one for fortified wines in Greece.

It's an explosion of summery fruited goodness in the mouth - apricot jam and melon dancing around with butterscotch and florals.

It's a versatile wine, too, being a great accompaniment to desserts, fruit or cheeses, or to spice up a little cocktail to impress at your next gathering. Or you could even serve it as an aperitif if you're so inclined. Any which way you choose to have it, it's delicious.

2020 750ml Dessert Wine Muscat Greece Samos Aegean Sea
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Pairing,Aged Cheese, Blue Cheese, Cheddar, Kulfi, Baklava, Nankhatai, Shortbread, Faloodeh


Alcohol Content,15.0%

Producer,Samos Phyllas

Stored in a temperature-controlled cellar Specialist Wine Courier Insured Delivery

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Dried Fruit

Dried Pear

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