Mariam Guniava

Red Wine

Mariam Guniava Aladasturi 2020

Mariam Guniava, stepping into the legacy of Archil Guniava, unveils her inaugural wine. Sourced from the ancestral vineyards nestled in Kvaliti within the Imereti region, this wine boasts a quintessential Imereti blend: 70% Krakhuna, flanked by 15% Tsitska and 15% Tsolikouri, plucked towards September's end. The grapes are transferred directly to Qvevri (subterranean clay vessels), without any skin interaction. After a maturation period of nine months in the qvevri, the result is a wine that encapsulates the region's essence, characterized by its zesty acidity, citrusy notes of lemon zest, herbaceous hints of verbena, and a tactile minerality. It harmonizes beautifully with dishes like grilled salmon and a sun-kissed Mediterranean salad. Produced using native yeasts, it's bottled without fining or filtering, and a mere touch of SO2 is added.
2020 750ml Red Wine Aladasturi Georgia Imereti Georgian Viticultural Zone
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Pairing,Rabbit, Roast Chicken, Charcuterie, Lamb, Kebab, Roast, Quail, Hard Cheese


Producer,Mariam Guniava

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