Zlati Grič Dry Rosé 2021


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Štajerska Slovenija


Zlati Gric is a beautiful estate located in the scenic foothills of Stajerska, known for producing outstanding Slovenian wines. The estate’s main attraction is a restored 15th century mansion, surrounded by 75 hectares of vineyards. Zlati Gric focuses on using locally grown grapes to produce their table wines and ages their traditional method sparkling wines in the historic underground cellars of nearby Carthusian Monastery Žiče. With an award-winning restaurant, cozy accommodations, and a golf course set among the vineyards.

With a delicate blush color, this wine boasts lively raspberry flavors that are complemented by a revitalizing herbal nuance. Its refreshing and zesty profile is sure to please guests or serve as an excellent accompaniment to antipasti, and it’s the perfect representation of a light and invigorating wine.

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