Ziereisen Spätburgunder Tschuppen 2017


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Pinot Noir


After undergoing a maceration period of six weeks, the Pinot Noir 2017 Tschuppen is aged for 25 months in small, used Assmann barrels. The wine opens up with a pure and refreshing nose, where clear, aromatic and spicy sour cherry notes prevail. The palate is delicately tight, showcasing a medium-bodied and pure Pinot with silky tannins that are accompanied by lively and invigorating acidity. The stunningly long finish is crisp, clear and lingering. Overall, this Pinot Noir boasts an excellent style and quality that makes it a noteworthy representation of its varietal. A worthy entry in the German Pinot Noir category, which is steadily gaining esteem and recognition across Europe and the Globe.

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