Tasmania Wine and Gastronomy Map with Breweries and Distilleries


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The award-winning Tasmania Wine & Gastronomy Map with Breweries and Distilleries is authored by well-known Tasmanian food and wine writer, Graeme Phillips. The exact locations of all the wine, beer, and whisky sites were provided by VineFinders™.

The authoritative touring guide to the oldest wine-producing region in Australia, this full-colour, double-sided map, published in 2009 and printed on 100% recycled paper, features:

  • 225 vineyards, cellar doors, vineyard restaurants, vineyard accommodation, distilleries, breweries and food producers
  • evocative descriptions of Tasmania’s wine regions, grape varieties and wines.
  • detailed climatic maps and production statistics
  • regional vintage ratings
  • historic information on the island’s wine history back to 1823
  • the locations of Tasmania’s first cheesery (1822), Australia’s first black truffle (1999) and a long list of other Australian and Tasmanian firsts

Every two years the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute convenes to present awards to the best maps from the last two years. In 2009, this map won two categories: the top gong for “Excellence in Mapping” and the “People’s Choice” award.

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