Weingut Schmitt Zold Sylvaner


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The Schmitt winery has been in the family for over 230 years with Bianka and Daniel working their 16 hectares for the last decade. Bianka comes from Hungary and they met in 2012 when she was cellar hand in his parent’s winery. They work in full biodynamics which they learned from Alsace vigneron Patrick Meyer and are one of only 80 producers in Germany to be Demeter certified.

The first vintage of this wine was 2015 and it was intended to show that Sylvaner is capable of something extra. Especially if it is made on the skins. In terms of balance between the size of the berries, the quality of juice per kilo of grapes and the thickness of the skins, Sylvaner is arguably the most balanced grape variety in their portfolio.

Delicate fruity notes on the nose, on the palate much more intensity with a rounded texture balanced by acidity and minerality (which Sylvaner expressed particularly well on these soils).

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