Vino Intrepido Col Fondo Prosecco 2021


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Nagambie Lakes


Prosecco, a type of sparkling wine, is named after a town outside of Trieste but is predominantly produced in the Veneto region, specifically in the province of Treviso. The vast majority of Prosecco wines made in Italy are fermented in tanks and bottled under pressure, resulting in fruity and slightly sweet examples that are often enjoyed as an aperitif or in a spritz. However, traditional farm-style Prosecco is fermented in the bottle and consumed with the lees, providing texture and a dry taste.

For the 2021 vintage, the winery obtained Glera from the renowned Box Grove Vineyard in Nagambie Lakes. The grapes were the first to be harvested that year, promptly transported to the winery, and cleanly pressed. Fermentation took place entirely in tanks until the wine was dry. Weeks later, fiano juice was added to provide sugar for secondary fermentation in the bottle.

The term “Col Fondo” refers to bottle-fermented Prosecco that is not disgorged, allowing the wine to continue developing on the lees sediment in the bottle. This sediment is harmless and provides flavor and texture to the wine. Like Cold Fusion, a theoretical type of nuclear reaction that occurs at or near room temperature, the name Prosecco is controversial in Italy. The geographic protected borders have been expanded to include the town from which it is named, and the grape name has been changed to Glera.

It’s important to note that this sparkling wine has not been disgorged of its sediment, which is harmless but may cause the wine to froth. It’s recommended to store the bottle upright and very cold before opening.

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