Tanca Nica Terra Forte 2021


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100% Zibibbo

The clayey and sandy ‘terra forte’ soil is a degradation of basalt and obsidian and does not contain any pumice (soki soki), this is a rich type of soil that confers power and structure to the zibibbo grapes. As a wine, Terra Forte is therefore the antithesis of the Soki Soki – viscous, age-worthy and tannic “como un vino rosso!”, this is a class act with flavours of bergamot, mandarin and peach skin bitters. The grapes come from a single vineyard in the contrada Bonsulton (neighbouring Bukkuram), the vines were planted in 1931 and grow between the outcropping bedrock with little topsoil. Winemaking involves 15 days of maceration on skins, and ageing occurs in glass demijohns as well as stainless steel vats. Only 1,000 bottles are produced each year.

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