Szepsy Tokaji Furmint Dry Urágya


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Úrágya is perhaps one of Tokaji’s most famous grand cru vineyards (making it one of the first grand cru classifications in the world!). The Szepsy Úrágya is produced soley from Furmint. Rich, warm, layered with intense and concentrated minerality, flecked with a flinty smokiness.

István Szepsy is one of the leading figures in Tokaj and is largely responsible for the modern winemaking revolution in the region. His family has been making wine in the area for 500 years; in fact, one of his ancestors, Máté Szepsi Laczkó, is thought to be the winemaker who developed the famous Aszú sweet wines of Tokaj in the mid-17th century. Since the 1990s, the Szepsy family has reestablished old vineyards, and István has created a whole new wine category by focusing on dry wines made from the Furmint grape. His estate Furmint as well as his vineyard selections have set the standard for dry wines in Tokaj over past 20 years and today can be found on many of the world’s top wine lists. His sweet Szamorodni and Aszú wines, produced only in the best years, are some of the best sweet wines in the world, continuing the legacy of Szepsy’s ancestors with pride.

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