Suertes del Marqués Tenerife Valle de la Orotava La Solana 2020


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Canary Islands
Listan Negro


La Solana is a unique single-vineyard wine from Suertes del Marqués, made with old vine Listán Negro grown in traditional cordon multiple or trenzado systems. With just 1.5 hectares facing east and towering over the Atlantic between 350 and 450 meters above sea level, the vineyard produces a textural and fruit-forward wine with distinctive mineral impact from 80 to 150-year-old vines and pure volcanic soils. After natural fermentation in seasoned French oak puncheons, the wine is bottled without filtration, showcasing the purer, more mineral style that characterizes Suertes’ cellar. An exceptional taste of the terroir of the Canary Islands.

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