Suertes del Marqués Tenerife Valle de la Orotava Candio 2018


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Canary Islands
Listan Negro


Candio hails from the Canary Islands, the name Candio pays homage to the gully traversing through the vineyards. It’s sourced from El Barranco, the residence of Suerte’s eldest Listán Negro (planted el córdon trenzado) vines. According to García, the vineyard’s ancient vines can be traced back up to 150 years, making the 80-year-old vines seem comparatively youthful. The soil, on the other hand, is another peculiar feature, as it comprises of volcanic rock covered by a layer of clay. The grapes are destemmed, but 50% of the stems are reintroduced to the juice. After a lengthy and warm fermentation, the wine is aged for 11 months in French oak demi-muids and large foudres before bottling, without filtering.

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