Subida di Monte Pinot Grigio


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Venezia Giulia
Pinot Gris


from the winery: “In 1972 our father Luigi Antonutti, one of Friuli’s most experienced wine producers, realizes his dream becoming a full-time vine-grower. He is fond of these hills and their fruits and decides to buy some hectares of land in the heart of the Collio Goriziano. That’s how the winery Subida di Monte comes into being. Year by year, thanks to Gigi’s passionate care and dedication, it has developed, covering now a surface of around 10 hectares.

My brother and I face now the most difficult task: to follow our father’s footsteps with the same passion. Therefore we personally manage the vineyards and the winery and our goal is to make wines respecting nature, its rules and the territory e.g. without making use of chemicals. We strive to maintain a harmonious relationship with the environment in order to obtain natural grapes and to produce a wine which can best express the territory and its vines. The grapes are hand-picked, the vinification takes place in stainless-steel tanks at a controlled fermentation temperature while in the ageing period the wine stays on fine lees until the period of bottling.

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