Stein Alfer Hölle 1900 Kabinett Trocken 2021


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Stein’s “1900” bottling is a remarkable wine from the Mosel region. The vineyard where the grapes are grown is historic and has just over 1,000 Riesling vines planted in the year 1900, making it the second oldest producing Riesling vineyard in the area. The wine is made by Ulli Stein, who meticulously tends to the vineyard like a garden. It is fermented in neutral barrels and allowed to achieve its own balance. Despite being categorized as a Kabinett Trocken in 2021, which is unusual for this type of wine, the tasting notes for this vintage are hard to describe as the wine offers a range of flavors and aromas that are difficult to put into words.

The “1900” is an incredibly exotic and perfumed wine that bursts with aromas of crushed flowers and slate. It unfurls on the palate with generous apricot, quince, slate. Despite its intricate flourishes, it always maintains an uncanny sense of balance and finesse. The small, thick-skinned berries of the old vines provide the wine with minerals and rigor, as well as a tense, green-resinous grip, reminiscent of pine needles and mint.

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