Occhipinti Siccagno 2020


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Nero d'Avola


The Nero D’Avola grape thrives in Sicily’s Mediterranean climate and sandy red-clay soil. Arianna Occhipinti, a prominent figure in the natural wine scene, deftly combines these elements to create an extraordinary wine that pushes the boundaries.

The wine is made from organically grown vines over 35 years old, resulting in a rustic yet contemporary character. Its bright red berry flavors are balanced by earthy savory notes, embodying the distinctive Sicilian quality that sets it apart from other new world wines.

With a fine and pleasant tannin, this wine has a linear structure across the palate, leading to a satisfying finish. Arianna Occhipinti’s passion for wine began at the age of 16 in her uncle Giusto Occhipinti’s cellar, who is one of the proprietors of the legendary Sicilian producer, Cos. Shortly after, she embarked on a quest to find balance and beauty in the native grape varieties of Sicily.

In 2004, at the age of just 22, she made her first wine and has since garnered a cult following for her unfettered expressions of Sicilian varieties. She produces wines from dry-grown, unfertilized vineyards, farmed without chemicals, that are pure, fresh, and representative of the Sicilian terroir.

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