Moric Hidden Treasure No. 2 Tamas Kis 2020


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Hidden Treasures No. 2 is a collaborative effort between Tamas Kis, a winemaker from Hungary, and Roland Velich, of Burgenland fame. This wine is made up of 85% Furmint and 15% Welschriesling, grown in Somló, a 832-hectare wine region located in the northwest of Hungary. Somló is famous for its prized dry-white wines, which are exclusively white.

The majority of the vines are grown on four extinct volcanoes, namely Nagy-Somló, Kis-Somló, Sàg, and Herczeg, on pure basalt rock mixed with basaltic sand. Since 2014, the vineyard has been cultivated using organic methods, although it has not yet received certification.

The wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation and is aged in a blend of stainless steel and Hungarian oak barrels. Although the wine benefits from bottle aging, it still delivers a super-mineral and intense wine without any heaviness even in its youth, with less than 12% alcohol content.

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