Makaridze Tsitska / Otskhanuri Sapere


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Georgian Viticultural Zone


Makaridze family has a long history of organic viticulture in Terjola, Imereti region. Grapes have always been cultivated, but mostly to sell as cuttings and wine was only made for home consumption. At the age of 23, Gogita realised his dream is to continue the tradition of vinegrowing. Consequently he quit his job at the financial department of the local town hall and invested everything he had to plant the vines of Otskhanuri Sapere on 1ha. He renovated and enlarged the family wine cellar adding more qvevris. In 2020, his wife Keto gave up her city life and moved to Terjola to join Gogita and dedicate herself to vine-growing and winemaking. Both are determined to create the link between the vineyards and the surrounding environment, producing natural wines that express the authenticity of the soil and Imeretian winemaking traditions. All wines produced here are guided by nature and made with minimal processing and intervention – fermented with indigenous yeasts, bottled unfined, unfiltered, without added sulphites or artificial additives.

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