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Sauvignon Blanc


Owen Latta, an innovative young winemaker is responsible for this impressive Pet-Nat using Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Owen’s exploration into the world of sparkling wine led him to create this crisp, clean and delicately fruity fizz. Like all Petillant Naturel, this wine has undergone its final stages of fermentation inside the bottle.

Owen’s passion for winemaking began at the tender age of 15, when he completed his first vintage at Eastern Peake alongside his father. Since then, he has taken on the full-time running of the business and has become primarily responsible for both Eastern Peake and Latta wines. Eastern Peake wines are dedicated to premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, while Latta wines are Owen’s personal project that showcase innovation from a range of excellent central Victorian vineyards.

Owen’s winemaking philosophy involves astute yet hands-off techniques that gently bring the wines to life. His low and zero-sulphur wines are some of the best examples in the country, making him a true master of his craft. These unique Victorian wines are thrilling and simply unmatched, solidifying Owen Latta’s position as one of Australia’s finest young winemakers.


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