Gut Oggau Josephine 2020


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Gut Oggau, a prestigious Burgenland winery owned by Eduard Tscheppe and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck, is renowned for its electric and raw wines produced using biodynamic practices. One of its finest offerings is the Josephine, a red blend that showcases a beautiful harmony of fresh red and black fruits, earthy spices, and fine cold tea tannins. This unique blend comprises the Blaufrankisch grape variety that brings a pop of bright fruit to the wine while still maintaining its depth and complexity.

Aged for a mere eight months in oak, the Josephine remains a primary red wine with fruit as the centerpiece. The Gut Oggau winery’s commitment to biodynamic practices, coupled with the unique terroir and climate of Burgenland, produces a charismatic and lively wine that never fails to impress wine enthusiasts. Its Australian allocations sell out quickly, leaving admirers eagerly awaiting the next vintage.

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