Gut Oggau Bertholdi 2020


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Bertholdi is the elder statesman of the Gut Oggau family.

It is a bold and authoritative expression of old vine Blaufränkisch, grown in soil composed of limestone and slate.

The wine exhibits a profound depth of fruit and dense tannins that distinguish it from others. However, due to its absolutely tiny production, Bertholdi is the rarest of the already rare Gut Oggau family.

In 2007, Eduard Tscheppe and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck acquired Vineyard Wimmer, a 13-hectare estate located near Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland, Austria. Since then, they have dedicated themselves to producing some of the most remarkable natural wines in the region, using biodynamic farming methods that are certified by Demeter.

Their wines are renowned for their raw and charismatic nature, reflecting the unique terroir of the vineyard. In addition to their exceptional quality.

These wines are truly electric and unforgettable, showcasing the distinctive personality of each vintage.

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