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Lower Styria


The Gönc family has been making wines in Ptuj for four generations.  The first family vineyard was established in 1936. Today, the family estate is devoted to vine growing on 15 hectares of hillsides surrounding the oldest town in Slovenia – Ptuj.  Ptuj is known for having some of the best vineyard land in Slovenia. The winery is a boutique family endeaver, where respect for tradition in winemaking meets modern techniques.  Although, the white grape varieties are typical for eastern Slovenia, complex soil and lots of sun exposure also make for great conditions for Gamay, Pinot Noir, & Merlot. Peter Gönc is the main winemaker at the Gönc Winery, having recently taken over the family business.  Together with his father he is devoted to perfecting the vineyard as only great grapes can be turned into wines with interesting character.  In the winery, traditions are respected and challenged at the same time, resulting in exciting high quality wines.

– Gönc

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