Gaia Thalassitis Assyrtiko


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Aegean Sea


from the winery: All the Assyrtiko grapes selected for Thalassitis originate exclusively from vineyards in the Episkopi, Akrotiri and Pyrgos regions. The vines in these regions are almost 80 years old. The particularly low yield that never exceeds 25 hl/ha combined with the local terrain and variety, result in an exuberant wine with a strong personality.

The ‘Thalassitis’ Assyrtiko is grown and made in Santorini,  a windswept island where indigenous grapes such as Assyrtiko have evolved to withstand the harsh environment. These grapes are also grown in such a way that they develop very concentrated flavours, such as ripe citrus, and honeysuckle, along with a distinctive minerality and  importantly, high acidity. The ‘Thalassitis’ is a bone dry white wine that bursts with flavour and minerality. As it ages, it will develop the hallmark traits of this grape variety and display flavours of honey and fruit. Delicious chilled, with seafood or a classic feta and tomato salad.

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