Fin Mahady Roussanne 2022


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Yarra Valley


The Roussanne was planted by Sarah in 1995 on the granitic soils of Tabilk, where it remains on its own roots. The use of organic fertilizers and composts is favored in maintaining the health of the soil. Sustainability is central to Box Grove’s values, and a whole lot of love is poured into the vineyard.

The grapes are hand-picked and 100% whole bunch before undergoing carbonic maceration and being left on skins for 10 days. The wine is then left on full ferment lees for three months.

With a fruity and floral aroma, this wine has a mouth-puckering acidity that will keep you coming back for more. On the nose, the wine exudes stone fruit with a touch of plumeria and caramel. The wine is light and fresh with savory notes and a light quince bitterness.

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