Eyrie Trousseau 2019


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Dundee Hills
United States


The Eyrie Vineyards Trousseau is a unique expression of the variety of Jura fame. In 2012, Jason Lett planted the Willamette Valley’s first Trousseau. The Eyrie Trousseau is crafted with minimal intervention, with no fining or filtering and only minimal sulfur added before bottling.

The result is a paler, ethereal red wine with rustic red fruit aromas, herbs and spices and structured tannins on the palate. With evolving flavors of dark berries, loam and baking spices, this vivid red wine has perfect balance between acidity and fruit.

The Eyrie Vineyards Trousseau is an exquisite expression of Oregon terroir, and an excellent varietal expression of Trousseau that captures its unique character and complexity.

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