Emmerich Knoll Gelber Traminer Smaragd 2021


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Emmerich Knoll is a cult winery in the Wachau Valley in Lower Austria, producing some of the most sought-after wines in the region. The family’s 15 hectares of land are home to vineyards that are planted on alluvial soils and primary rock with some loess components. The Knolls have holdings in some of the best sites, and their success in a UK tasting where an aged Grüner Veltliner beat a field of Grand Cru white Burgundies has become a legendary part of Austrian wine history.

The winery uses exclusively old oak foudres and implements a winemaking philosophy that places varietal site expression at the forefront. Emmerich Knoll senior is a thoughtful, quiet man; his son Emmerich junior is cosmopolitan, minimalist, and modern in his approach. Their Gelber Traminer (genetically a sibling of Savagnin, of Jura fame) is sourced from various estate vineyards mostly centred around Oberloiben and Uneterloiben as well as some parcels found on the terraced vineyards of Kellerberg & Loibenberg. It is partially fermented in 500-1500 litres neutral casks and left on lees for 6-8 months post ferment.

The unmistakable labels bearing the image of Saint Urban, patron saint of winegrowing, are a reminder that tradition is key at Weingut Emmerich Knoll — but what isn’t so obvious is that their wines are sheer joy to drink — now or very far into the future.

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