Douloufakis Aspros Lagos Vidiano 2019


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Matured for 5 months in new and used barrels made of 40% acacia and 60% French oak, this is an excellent wine made with 100% Vidiano grape, a very old Cretan grape that had been ignored for many years. Thanks to the arduous and persistent efforts of some inspired winemakers in Crete, this grape has made a comeback and has produced high-quality wines in recent years.

The wine has a nice golden color with yellow-green highlights and a rich aroma of white flowers, citrus, butter, suspected wax, apricot, linden, and melon. On the palate, it has a rich taste that, with a little more aging in the bottle, acquires oily characteristics and develops a dense apricot character that smells of high-class musk. The wine also has a seductive mineral background that contributes to its taste.

The finish is long-lasting and enjoyable, with tons of apricot. Overall, this is a wine of exceptional quality and character, showcasing the best of what the Vidiano grape, and Crete generally, has to offer.

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