Defialy Controlled Chaos 2022


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Macedon Ranges


Defialy is the creation of Micah Hewitt, who took an unconventional path to winemaking. After spending over 20 years as a butcher, he developed a love for top-quality ingredients, the land, and fine wine. Defialy is a tribute to his parents and the love they shared, as well as their children. The name is derived from the acronym they used to sign off on their letters and notes – Don’t Ever Forget, I’ll Always Love You. Micah’s winemaking philosophy is simple: he creates wines that he enjoys drinking and sharing with friends. His wines are pure, vibrant expressions of nature, with nothing added except for the stomped grapes.

This Merlot is full-bodied, rich, and velvety, in many respects a very good varietal example of Merlot. It boasts a vortex of warming notes; earth, clove, plum, and nettle. Despite its complexity, it maintains a refreshing character. It is a harmonious blend of controlled chaos that is truly delightful.

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