Daniel Crochet Sancerre Blanc 2021


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Sauvignon Blanc


This domaine is in its fourth generation; Daniel Crochet took over the family business in 1996 after studying viticulture and oenology at the Lycée Wine Avize in the Marne.

Since 1996, operations have expanded to today where the vineyard covers an area of 9.15 hectares, 5.92 hectares of which are planted with Sauvignon Blanc, and 3.23 hectares with Sauvignon Pinot Noir.

The plots are located in the towns of Sancerre and Bué–all AOC Sancerre.  The soils are composed of “terres blanches”, or clay-limestone, and “caillottes”, or pebbly limestone.

Three important viticultural techniques are employed on the estate: ploughing, ENM (the practice of permitting natural grass to grown among the wines), and cultivation of grass between the rows of vines. This alone represents 70% of the property with the aim to preserve soil quality and avoid erosion as well as limiting the yields of the vines in order to obtain the maximum concentration in the grapes.  In addition, a conscientious and environmentally responsible program of pest and disease control is practiced throughout the estate.

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