Costadilà Prosecco 450 slm 2022


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Costadila is a relatively new Prosecco producer from Tarzo in the North of Venice, Italy. Ernesto Cattel and his partners founded the winery in 2006 with a passion for natural farming and a desire to revitalize the region’s rich agricultural traditions.

The wines at Costadila are unique due to their natural fermentation process and lack of disgorging. As a result, the lees settle at the bottom of the bottle, contributing to the distinct flavor profiles of Prosecco. The vineyard where the grapes grow sits at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, and all farming practices at Costadilà are organic.

The wine-making process involves fermenting the wine with native yeasts until it is dry, and then bottling it with must made from dried passito grapes for secondary fermentation. The wine is bottled without fining or filtering, and there is no dosage. This Methode Ancestral process yields a light, naturally produced frizzante with a pleasing 11% alcohol content.

The wine has orangey, cloudy, and savory notes and is best served well-chilled as an aperitivo.

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