Cos Pithos Zibibbo 2021


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Terre Siciliana
Muscat of Alexanria


Giusto Occhipinti is a prominent name in Italy’s winemaking scene, known for his work with COS in Sicily. Along with two friends, he founded the winery with the goal of producing traditional wines that truly reflect the terroir of the vineyards. COS, an acronym formed from the last names of the three founders, were the youngest wine producers in Italy during its first harvest in 1980. The trio were pioneers of biodynamic farming, setting a benchmark for other winemakers in Sicily. They work hard, using a vintage winery and aging their wines in terracotta vases to maintain a neutral flavor. Located in Vittoria, in the southeastern tip of Sicily, the area resembles the African landscape with its warm climate and red, ochre, and yellow hues.

The wine produced by COS is truly unique, even by their own standards. Zibbibo, a local name for Muscat de Alexandria derived from an Arabic word for raisins, is used to create this dry wine. While it is usually used for sweet wines, the seven-month skin contact during aging in amphorae or pithos gives it a rich and tannic flavor.

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